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Pegasus-R2R DAC

I2S Pin Configuration
There is no industry standard of I2S connection.  Please confirm the IIS interface compatibility before purchasing.
MUSICIAN Pegasus is trying to compatable with most of device by the following mode setting method if you are using standard HDMI cable:
1. Select the sound source input to I2S;
2. Press and hold the NOS button for 3 seconds until the I2S light flashes;
3. Press the NOS button during the flashing process to cycle through the phase modes (there are total 8 modes, 1X, 2X, 4X indicator lights are binary mode Display);
4. Stop the operation when you selected the satisfied sound, the machine automatically exits the mode setting function.
The burn-in time of PEGASUS DACs is one week: Standby or Powered on 24/7 (300 hours), you will get the best performance after the enough aging hours
Connecting RCA or XLR output simultaneously is not recommended, it will degrade the sound quality because they are shared. Even if the downstream equipment is on/off, the output signal will still be transmitted to the input stage of the downstream device.
If possible, please use the XLR output. As a ture balanced DAC, the XLR output of PEGASUS will be more superior.
Different brand/product has different I2S line order. We could not guarantee the I2S connection workability with your Interface/Turntable/Player. If it can not playing properly(such as hiss sound) by the above setting. This shall not be considered as a defective product, but just a matching failed.  The suggested solution is to use a customized HDMI cable.

List of verfified and tested Interface/Turntable/Player:
Jay's Audio CDT MK2
Matrix SPDIF 2 USB
Gustard U16
Singxer SDA-1
Pegasus has it's own upscaling function in the internal, which supports up to 16 times.
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