Aquarius 解码器接口及功能: 输入接口:光纤、同轴、AES平衡、I2S*2、USB 输出接口:一组XLR平衡、一组RCA standby:待机/开机按键 INPUT:信号输入选择按键 NOS:超取样开/关按键,指示灯灭为超取样;指示灯亮原采样率; MUTE: 静音切换按键 Phase:相位切换 MODE:脚位切换 Aquarius 解码器特点描述: R2R阵列DAC,真正的平衡 每级滤波具32Bit输入解析度 多个输入接口,满足不同人群使用需求 采用ALTER主控,恒温双晶振 封装线性电源,O芯变压器 整机功耗10W
Technical Highlights
Proprietary R2R+DSD architecture, true balanced 24Bit R2R+6Bit DSD (32 step FIR filter). Adopting ALTERA high efficiency chip. 0.005% precision resistor, low distortion, low noise power supply, FIFO buffer.

Each channel is equipped with an independent high-speed FPGA to control decoding through four sets of 0.005% R-2R network with low linearity error, high decoding speed and low digital noise.

Dual crystal design, can accurately reproduce audio signals of different sampling rates, jitter is greatly reduced and stability is significantly improved.

The power supply adopts chopper rectification, customized MUSICIAN brand red shell capacitors, equipped with O-type 250W iron core transformer, multiple LT1763, LT3045 for 2 times regulator filtering, can effectively isolate the linear regulator for digital and analog part of the multi-stage power supply, w hich ensures that the DAC can provide low noise and stable power supply voltage.

DSD1024, PCM 1536KHz supports USB and I2S inputs (audio source needs to be compatible with this unit's interface).

Proprietary USB audio solution based on the STM32 F46 Advanced AMR microcontroller.

No drivers required for Mac and Linux.

DSD All inputs are DSD64 DoP, USB and I2S inputs are DSD1024. PCM All inputs are 24bits / 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192KHz. USB & I2S inputs are 1536KHz.
Sampling Mode: Non-Oversampling NOS / Oversampling OS Digital Input Coaxial, Optical, AES, USB, I2S-1, I2S-2
Analog Output XLR balanced, RCA single-ended
Clock Output
45.1584MHz ,49.152MHz
420mm * 380mm * 95mm (W * D * H) (height includes base)
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